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Indigenous allows you to engage with the internet as you do on social media sites, but posts it all on your website through the use of Micropub and Microsub compatible servers. You can also receive push notifications by creating an account on this website. Join the IndieWeb, it's fun!

You can install from Google Play or F-Droid


  • Login with multiple domains, discover indieauth, micropub, microsub and media endpoints. The micropub and microsub endpoints are optional, but at least one should be available.
  • Micropub
    • post types: article, note, reply, repost, like, bookmark, event, issue, rsvp, geocache and checkin
    • add multiple images, tags, toggle syndication targets
    • share location on note, article, event, checkin and geocache
    • send image to media endpoint
    • Toggle post-status (published vs draft)
    • Save as local draft to finish later. This also includes coordinates, so you can finish later even when you are on a different location then.
    • Query, update and delete: get a list of posts and update basic properties (experimental)
  • Microsub
    • read channels, with pull to refresh
    • read items per channel, with pull to refresh, response actions per item
    • reply, like, repost, rsvp, bookmark, upload or add feed directly
    • listen to audio or watch video if available
    • view fullscreen images, zoom and pinch
    • Manage channels and feeds
    • Receive push notifications
  • Share intents: receive text or images from other apps to directly share

Indigenous is open source and can be found at


Indigenous micropub screenshotIndigenous channel list screenshotIndigenous reader screenshotIndigenous reader screenshot