Indigenous for Desktop

Desktop version available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
Installation packages can be found at


  • General
    • Uses the font of your system
    • Accounts: configure endpoints and token
    • Screen state: remember position, fullscreen etc
    • Developer: view response of microsub requests in console
  • Microsub
    • Starts with default anonymous account with the reader connected to
    • Read channels and posts per timeline
    • Inline reply, like, bookmark, read and repost with or without confirmation
    • Inline RSVP on events
    • Listen to audio or watch video
    • Long articles open in an overlay
    • Mark all read button
    • View individual feed via author name
    • Search in all channels and feeds
    • Delete or move posts
    • Context menu: right click when selecting text to search DuckDuckGo, or save an image, or copy the link and so on.
    • External links in posts are opened in your system browser
    • Navigate posts with keyboard shortcuts:
      • p: previous post in feed or overlay
      • n: next post in feed or overlay, trigger 'More posts' at end
      • r: read the post in the overlay
      • c: close overlay when opened
  • Micropub
    • Post types: note/article
    • Upload images, audio and video
    • Syndication targets
    • Publish date and status
    • Tags, with autocomplete
    • Upload a file to media endpoint (soon in posts)

Indigenous is open source and can be found at


Indigenous channels screenshot